Vote Theresa Francis For Ward 7 Trustee

october 24, 2022


I’m Theresa, a passionate woman on a mission to make our public school system a valuable experience for all of us

Over the years I’ve had conversations with parents and students who are concerned that what has been done within the TDSB system has worked to get us to where we are, but it won’t be enough to get us to where we are going and I agree.

As a former TDSB student and now a mother of 3 I’ve spent the last few years working with families and youth in our city to better understand and resolve the challenges our child(ren) face within the TDSB system.

I understand that every parent regardless of their economic status wants their child(ren) to experience a quality education that fits their child’s needs, aligns with their family values, provides equal opportunity, and fosters creative thinking.

My goal as the trustee for our community (ward 7) is to be your voice in creating effective and sustainable change

Hey there!

can you imagine?

Bridging the gap between what you want to see improve

and the reality of things actually getting done

As a mom of 3 kids under 7 years old I understand how important it is to ensure you have access to public school education you can trust. As your trustee

I stand in your corner to make sure that happens